Our evolved curriculum is based on the known sequential stages of a child's' physical social, mental and emotional growth and development
  •  Learning through play way method:
       This mode of teaching is a Complete change from the monotonous school routine. At Christo Kids, a Child learns while playing puzzles. shapes and blocks etc. At the same time, he is learning something new every day.
  •  Project work to create awareness:
      The children work on small projects which include craft, handwork, making things out of waste materials etc. This will make our children creative.
  • Drawing and coloring:
      Crayons will full supply them with creativity and observation.
  • Motor skill development:
      Before a child learns to write or paint, the coordination of ages is essential. This can be done by size grading, stringing of beads color matching
  • Audio Visual Classroom:
      Realizing the importance of audio and visual senses, such class rooms are arranged to give a long lasting impact on student's mind.
  • Flash Card Method:
      Use of flash cards improves the children's identification and differentiation


  • Elocution: Public speaking is an art and a gift of nature. It is also inborn but it has to be practiced. These two things help to remove stage fear and give confidence.
  • Music and Dance: Music and Dance are also essential to studies as language. It is such a means of education that all enjoy and understand. It freshens up the tired minds. MEMS children learn group singing and dancing.
  • Story telling and Dramatisation: To the exciting journey of discovery and learning, story telling adds more fun and develops the language of the MEMS kids. Appreciation of Drama is also inculcated in them.


  • Activity equipment: Large activity toys like swings, slides, car, tricycles etc are provided to give excellent value to the child, the sand pit and water pool being the favourite play spots.
    Bright and colorful small toys encourage manipulative skills in children. Playing with molding clay encourage the use of hands and fingers and will stimulate new flights of fantasy.